Adapt IP retained to market visual voicemail patent portfolio

Adapt IP was retained to market a growing patent portfolio related to important aspects of interacting with visual voicemail for the purposes of improved user experience and advertising delivery enhancements.

Adapt IP retained to sell FinTech patent portfolio

Adapt IP was retained to sell a patent portfolio related to important aspects interacting with a user’s financial accounts. Key innovations covered by the patent portfolio relate to: 1) updating cardholder payment information for recurring or subscription billing merchants and 2) managing financial transactions and interacting with financial information over smart home devices.

Adapt IP engaged to sell diverse patent portfolio related to mobile, software, IoT and auto

Adapt IP has been retained to sell a patent portfolio related Mobile Hardware and Software, IoT, Cloud Computing/Web Services and Automotive technologies. The patent portfolio was built and curated by one of Silicon Valley’s leading entrepreneurs and visionaries.

Sable Networks retains Adapt IP to market networking patent portfolio

Adapt IP Ventures has been engaged by Sable Networks, Inc. to sell or license their patent portfolio integrally related to QoS and Network Management technologies. The Sable Networks patent portfolio originated from internet pioneer, Dr. Lawrence Roberts, and has been cited over by over 900 patents assets as prior art before the USPTO by by over 100 companies.

Adapt IP seeking buyers or licensees for additive manufacturing – 3D printing patent portfolio

Adapt IP Ventures is seeking to find buyers or licensees for a patent portfolio related to Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Technologies. Our client, “AI”, is offering a patent portfolio related to additive manufacturing for sale or license. Many of the claims are directed to improving interlayer adhesion of 3D printed articles, porous printing, etc. The technology covered in the portfolio is relevant to dual extrusion printing, fused deposition modeling printing, stereolithography printing, and other areas. Additional applications covered in the patent portfolio relate to biomedical applications including tissue engineering.

Adapt IP selected to bring microfluidics patent portfolio to market

Adapt IP Ventures has been retained by an IP development fund to seek acquisition and/or licensing offers for a patent portfolio related to Microfluidics and Microreactor Technologies. Notable patented claims cover microfluidic devices used in biological or chemical testing, electrokinetic pumping of nonpolar solvents, calculating the rate of flow for a fluid collected from a bodily surface into a body-worn device, among other notable techniques and inventions in the biotech and healthcare space.

Adapt IP engaged to sell IoT Sensor-related patent portfolio

Adapt IP selling IoT Sensor patent portfolio consisting of 30+ granted and open pending applications and covers numerous aspects of various sensor technologies. The portfolio has minimal encumbrances, and evidence of use can be linked to multiple Fortune 500 companies. The issued patents have common familial relationships claiming priority back to applications with 2004 priority dates, and can be grouped into three categories: 1) Retrieving and analyzing sensor data,  2) Combining motes and sensors with directional antennas and 3) Mote-associated log and index data.

Adapt IP offering autonomous vehicle patent portfolio for sale

Adapt IP Ventures has been retained to sell a patent portfolio related to autonomous vehicular (AV) systems. The patents cover several innovative concepts within the AV ecosystem including the scheduling of AVs in a task-centric based approach, sharing of AVs within a taxi infrastructure, intelligent routing of AVs for servicing and repairs, and for making AV self-parking mechanisms more efficient.

Adapt IP is managing the monetization of a patent portfolio related to Deep Learning – Image Recognition

Adapt IP has been retained by an operating, product company that develops and deploys award-winning image and sensor-based solutions for automotive and logistics markets to monetize its’ patent portfolio related to Deep Learning techniques. The patent portfolio is particularly suited for image processing and recognition.

Portable Fuel Cell Patent Portfolio and Technology Transfer Offering

Adapt IP Ventures, LLC, a leading IP transaction and advisory firm, is representing Intelligent Energy Ltd. in the sale of a diverse patent portfolio which is no longer core to Intelligent Energy’s current product development roadmap. This subset of Intelligent Energy’s patent portfolio includes over 1,100 patent assets and related technologies, primarily related to portable fuel cells. The patent portfolio and related assets can be applied to low power fuel cell and energy storage applications, such as consumer electronics and portable power.

Intelligent Energy is a fuel cell engineering business built on 30 years of PEM fuel cell development. Intelligent Energy has built its extensive global IP portfolio through both internal research and development efforts as well as external asset acquisitions. The underlying technology areas covered by the patent portfolio include fuel cells, fuel cartridges, fuel compositions, interface components, control strategies and other portable fuel cell systems. The patented technologies have, in some instances, been reduced to actual practice and proven in functional products. Such technologies could be available in a technology transfer deal structure that supplements the portfolio sale.

“The offering represents one of the largest fuel cell related patent portfolios and technology offerings in the market and will allow the new owner the opportunity to quickly bring innovative products to market and protect market share,” states Grant Moss, President of Adapt IP. “We are optimistic that we will generate significant value for Intelligent Energy based on prior transactions in this industry. There has been encouraging feedback from initial discussions with our global marketing and technical partners, as well as potential purchasers.”

Adapt IP has also partnered with Kangxin Partners, P.C, a leading Beijing-based intellectual property law firm, to expand its global marketing efforts for this patent portfolio and technology offering throughout Asia.

Companies interested in receiving more information about this offering should contact Adapt IP.

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