Adapt IP selected by Edge3 Technologies to broker the sale or license of a gesture control and motion tracking-related patent portfolio.

Adapt IP selected to sell patent portfolio and technology directed to web collaboration and enhanced conferencing solutions.

Adapt IP selected to monetize synchronized recording enhancement patent portfolio directed torward video games and video editing tools.

Adapt IP selected by TP Lab to monetize patent portfolio related to content display and video personalization.

TP Lab Inc. recently engaged patent brokerage firm Adapt IP Ventures to monetize an important subset of its expansive patent portfolio, the subset related to enhancing the viewing experience across television, online video and virtual reality applications.  See more at LINK TO ARTICLE.

Adapt IP selected to monetize patent portfolio in the IoT market with a focus on intelligent circuit breakers and related electronics.

Adapt IP selected to monetize patent portfolio in the real estate tech market related to property disclosure methods.