Patent Portfolio Available Related to Building Automation and Geofencing

Adapt IP Ventures was retained to market a patent portfolio related to Building Automation and Geofencing technologies. The patent portfolio provides approaches to manage building systems and appliances including HVAC systems by applying one or more geofences to the automation of systems to control those systems. Companies interested in acquiring this patent portfolio should contact Adapt IP Ventures for additional information.

Patent Portfolio Available Related to Voice Services and Voice Infrastructure

Adapt IP Ventures is representing a returning client with their efforts to monetize a patent portfolio related to voice infrastructure, voice messaging, call routing, call session management, call handover, etc. The portfolio includes 20 issued patents. We will be actively seeking to transact with companies that should have interest in obtaining rights to this patent portfolio. Interested parties should contact Adapt IP Ventures.

Adapt IP Selected to Monetize Cloud Security and Mobile Device Management IP Offering

Adapt IP set to market mobile network security patent portfolio that includes seven (7) issued U.S. patents, one (1) pending U.S. patent application. This patent portfolio relates to the following key terms and technologies: File Sharing and Storage; Mobile Data Security; Multi-Factor Access; Secure Mobile Messaging and Remote Data Access. Patent owner is open to acquisition, licensing and partnership structures.


Adapt IP brings LED lighting and sensor portfolio to market

Adapt IP Ventures selected to market patent portfolio relating to lighting and sensor technology. Companies interested in learning more about partnership, licensing and acquisition opportunities should contact Grant Moss (

Adapt IP selected to monetize patent portfolio related to gesture control and object recognition

Additional details and offering material will be made available to interested parties. Please contact Grant Moss for more information at

Adapt IP selected to monetize wireless networking patent portfolio

Adapt IP was retained by a leading global IT consulting company to monetize their patent portfolio including over 100 assets related to wireless technologies and with coverage in the U.S., EP, China and India. Representative concepts include wireless technologies including LTE networks, small cell deployments, network traffic management, hand-off management, local resource management, wireless channel access, and coordinating inter-cell interference.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Patent Available For Sale

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Patent relates to a “front-loaded” hybrid propulsion system set to develop and manage driving and control profiles for switching from battery operated to a second propulsion source (e.g., combustion engine, fuel cell, etc.). Profiles can be based on driving habits, distance traveled and the hybrid cruising range. The invention factors these driving patterns into the control of a hybrid vehicle system. As such, the present invention “front loads” the electrical power draw on the hybrid propulsion system so that greater amounts of stored electrical power are drawn down in the early operation of the vehicle. Operation in this mode enhances overall fuel economy while preserving the capability of achieving a realistic driving range. This patent is available for acquisition.

New IP Available related to Electronic Fuse and Power Management

Adapt IP Ventures has been retained by a major UK-based research and commercial organization to market its electronic fuse patent portfolio for acquisition. The patented technology generally relates to e-fuses or circuit breakers which can be line powered, reset remotely, and implemented entirely in solid state electronics. The patented technology offers international coverage on products with little to no service or maintenance and can be integrated seamlessly into existing market leading circuit breaker products. Contact us for more information.