Hybrid Electric Vehicle Patent Available For Sale

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Patent relates to a “front-loaded” hybrid propulsion system set to develop and manage driving and control profiles for switching from battery operated to a second propulsion source (e.g., combustion engine, fuel cell, etc.). Profiles can be based on driving habits, distance traveled and the hybrid cruising range. The invention factors these driving patterns into the control of a hybrid vehicle system. As such, the present invention “front loads” the electrical power draw on the hybrid propulsion system so that greater amounts of stored electrical power are drawn down in the early operation of the vehicle. Operation in this mode enhances overall fuel economy while preserving the capability of achieving a realistic driving range. This patent is available for acquisition.

New IP Available related to Electronic Fuse and Power Management

Adapt IP Ventures has been retained by a major UK-based research and commercial organization to market its electronic fuse patent portfolio for acquisition. The patented technology generally relates to e-fuses or circuit breakers which can be line powered, reset remotely, and implemented entirely in solid state electronics. The patented technology offers international coverage on products with little to no service or maintenance and can be integrated seamlessly into existing market leading circuit breaker products. Contact us for more information.

Computer Access Patent Available for Sale

Adapt IP Ventures has been retained by a leading U.K.-based research and commercialization organization to market its computer security access patent for acquisition. The patent relates to assessing the vulnerability of a remote user trying to access a computer system. A remote user’s vulnerability is assessed by checking for the presence of certain security features on their computer system such as antivirus tools, firewall tools, software security updates, and more.