Giving Ideas Value.

Clients can retain Adapt IP to partner on IP-based engagements through the following service offerings:

IP Transactions

Assist clients with building patent acquisitions, sales and licensing campaigns. Licensing campaigns can either be strategic or litigation-driven.

IP Advisory

Help clients understand patent value and competitive IP positioning within complex industries, via focused market research and patent landscaping initiatives.

IP Ventures

Partner with early-stage companies to invest in, build and strategically plan their IP portfolios through creative transaction and advisory structuring.

Experienced & Knowledgeable

Adapt IP has successfully closed sales and licensing transactions in numerous industries.

While the market changes routinely, Adapt IP works with buyers that are currently interested in patents focused on internet technologies, telecommunications, semiconductors, automotive technologies and mobile payments, among other markets.

Deal Announcements:


March 2019

Adapt IP manages patent portfolio sale related to quantum key distribution technologies.

March 2019

Adapt IP assisted client with acquiring IP related to environmental sustainability technologies

January 2019

Adapt IP assisted client with in-licensing IP related to incentive reward systems

Companies simply must adapt not only to changing technology and market trends but also to the changing IP landscape to compete in their industries and to expand into new markets.

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