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Software Licensing 2019 – An IAM Event

Adapt IP will be attending IAM’s third annual Software IP in Silicon Valley (October 2). IP experts will be discussing how to create value from software IP and devise new protection strategies for managing the difficulties presented by AI, open source and SaaS. Event link

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Adapt IP Team Members Identified as Top IP Strategists

Adapt IP proudly announces that Brian Bochicco, Vice President and Grant Moss, Founder & President, have been again recommended and selected for the IAM Strategy 300: The World’s Leading IP Strategists.   The 2019 edition of the IAM Strategy 300 was published earlier this month. The IAM research team spoke to a wide range of […]

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Father’s Day 2019 + (Patent Landscaping + (Biomedical Engineering AND Robotics))

Download: Adapt IP – Fathers Day 2019 (Patent Landscaping + (Biomedical Engineering and Robotics) We celebrated Father’s Day a little differently this year compared to in years past. A highlight of the holiday is usually centered around playing golf with my dad or some other active adventure with my own children. Father’s Day this year […]

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Adapt IP seeking buyers or licensees for additive manufacturing – 3D printing patent portfolio

Adapt IP Ventures is seeking to find buyers or licensees for a patent portfolio related to Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Technologies. Our client, “AI”, is offering a patent portfolio related to additive manufacturing for sale or license. Many of the claims are directed to improving interlayer adhesion of 3D printed articles, porous printing, etc. […]

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Adapt IP selected to bring microfluidics patent portfolio to market

Adapt IP Ventures has been retained by an IP development fund to seek acquisition and/or licensing offers for a patent portfolio related to Microfluidics and Microreactor Technologies. Notable patented claims cover microfluidic devices used in biological or chemical testing, electrokinetic pumping of nonpolar solvents, calculating the rate of flow for a fluid collected from a […]

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Adapt IP engaged to sell IoT Sensor-related patent portfolio

Adapt IP selling IoT Sensor patent portfolio consisting of 30+ granted and open pending applications and covers numerous aspects of various sensor technologies. The portfolio has minimal encumbrances, and evidence of use can be linked to multiple Fortune 500 companies. The issued patents have common familial relationships claiming priority back to applications with 2004 priority […]

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Adapt IP offering autonomous vehicle patent portfolio for sale

Adapt IP Ventures has been retained to sell a patent portfolio related to autonomous vehicular (AV) systems. The patents cover several innovative concepts within the AV ecosystem including the scheduling of AVs in a task-centric based approach, sharing of AVs within a taxi infrastructure, intelligent routing of AVs for servicing and repairs, and for making […]