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Adapt IP Joins CPA Global / Innography Ignite! 2018 Summit to Discuss IP Monetization

Adapt IP Joins CPA Global and Innography to participate in Ignite! 2018 on November 4 – 7 in Austin, TX. Adapt IP Founder and President, Grant Moss, will be presenting insights on the topic: “Friend or Foe: Finding the Right Licensing Partners”. For more information, please visit:

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Adapt IP Completes Sale of Patent Assets Related to Wireless and Semiconductor Technologies

Our client, a publicly-traded defense contractor completed the sale of a patent portfolio related to wireless and semiconductor technologies. Details of the transaction are to be kept confidential.

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Adapt IP Active With Haywood Street Ministries Golf Fundraiser

Haywood Street is a United Methodist mission congregation and faith-based nonprofit founded in 2009 by Rev. Brian Combs based in Asheville, North Carolina. Core programs include weekly worship, a clothing closet, community garden, a free community lunch known as the Downtown Welcome Table, and Haywood Street Respite, which offers a safe place for adults experiencing homelessness to stay on a short term basis after being discharged from a hospital. Those who eat and worship together at Haywood Street are individuals carrying all their worldly possessions in ragged backpacks as well as privileged professionals, stay-at-home moms, students and the working poor. Visit for more information.

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Adapt IP Completes the Sale of a P2P Content Delivery Patent

Adapt IP completes the sale of a patent relating to the peer to peer distribution of content in a client-server network architecture.

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Adapt IP Completes Sale of Patent Assets Related to Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

Adapt IP completes sale of patent assets related to autonomous delivery vehicles. This transaction marks the second sale of assets related to autonomous vehicles for our client, an individual inventor.

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Portable Fuel Cell Patent Portfolio and Technology Transfer Offering

Adapt IP Ventures, LLC, a leading IP transaction and advisory firm, is representing Intelligent Energy Ltd. in the sale of a diverse patent portfolio which is no longer core to Intelligent Energy’s current product development roadmap. This subset of Intelligent Energy’s patent portfolio includes over 1,100 patent assets and related technologies, primarily related to portable fuel cells. The patent portfolio and related assets can be applied to low power fuel cell and energy storage applications, such as consumer electronics and portable power.

Intelligent Energy is a fuel cell engineering business built on 30 years of PEM fuel cell development. Intelligent Energy has built its extensive global IP portfolio through both internal research and development efforts as well as external asset acquisitions. The underlying technology areas covered by the patent portfolio include fuel cells, fuel cartridges, fuel compositions, interface components, control strategies and other portable fuel cell systems. The patented technologies have, in some instances, been reduced to actual practice and proven in functional products. Such technologies could be available in a technology transfer deal structure that supplements the portfolio sale.

“The offering represents one of the largest fuel cell related patent portfolios and technology offerings in the market and will allow the new owner the opportunity to quickly bring innovative products to market and protect market share,” states Grant Moss, President of Adapt IP. “We are optimistic that we will generate significant value for Intelligent Energy based on prior transactions in this industry. There has been encouraging feedback from initial discussions with our global marketing and technical partners, as well as potential purchasers.”

Adapt IP has also partnered with Kangxin Partners, P.C, a leading Beijing-based intellectual property law firm, to expand its global marketing efforts for this patent portfolio and technology offering throughout Asia.

Companies interested in receiving more information about this offering should contact Adapt IP.

Link to full press release:

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Adapt IP Joins Summit on Protecting Innovations in the Financial Services Industry

Adapt IP Joins Summit on Protecting Innovations in the Financial Services Industry on July 25-26 in New York City. Every year, the Summit convenes in-house counsel to discuss the recent intellectual property and patent trends impacting the financial services industry. Attendees will gain updates on FinTech and emerging financial innovations, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, and learn the underlying IP issues involved with these disruptive technologies. Additional valuable topics focus on developing patent strategies to protect your financial innovations by examining recent case law and the newest changes to the PTAB.

Adapt IP Founder and President, Grant Moss, will be participating in a panel entitled, “Increase Patent Portfolio Value by Optimizing and Strengthening Patent Assets Using Various Patent Office Procedures.”

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Adapt IP bringing diversified software, networking and storage patent portfolio to market

Adapt IP was retained to sell a patent portfolio related to numerous technologies including search, voice mail, targeted advertising, networking, data streaming, content storage, location-based technologies and social media.

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Adapt IP Retained by Mirama Service to Sell Patent Portfolio Related to AR/VR Systems and Image Processing

Adapt IP selected by Mirama Service to sell its’ patent portfolio related to AR/VR systems and image processing. The patent portfolio offers patent coverage in both the United States and Japan and focuses on mixed reality: virtual object integration within FOV with key concepts including gesture recognition, virtual interface positioning/repositioning (including via calibration) and virtual object/real object overlap.

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Adapt IP and Leading Insurance Company Partnering to Commercialize Patent Portfolio

Adapt IP has been selected by a leading U.S.-based insurance company to assist with commercialization and monetization of their patent portfolio. Initial efforts will be focused on patents related to location-based technologies including beacon management, indoor mapping and smart parking solutions.