Deal Announcement: Adapt IP completed sale of patent portfolio related to IoT sensors, video analytics and mesh networking

Adapt IP client, QinetiQ, announces sale of Quantum Key Distribution Patent Portfolio to Qubitekk

Quantum Key Distribution Patent Portfolio Sale to Qubitekk

QinetiQ Ltd. has signed an agreement to sell its entire Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) patent portfolio to Qubitekk Inc.

The portfolio includes 57 patent filings, across 17 patent families, and covers novel technological approaches in quantum science, particularly relating to security.  One of the focus technologies in the portfolio allows QKD to be used across long distances. QKD has a potential to significantly advance data security, cybersecurity, and end-to-end encryption. QinetiQ patent portfolio further encompasses a way to scale up QKD from a local area to a planet-wide distribution, without having to wait for a Quantum Repeater or a Satellite to be built.

Qubitekk, based in California, USA, is the world’s first company dedicated to commercialising Quantum Entanglement Sources required to speed the adoption of quantum computing and cryptography applications, making the patent portfolio purchase a logical fit.

This portfolio offers an effective way to accelerate the introduction of global QKD. The alternate approach, using a Quantum Repeater, is currently estimated to be 10 years from actualisation. With this portfolio, Quibitekk are accelerating the ability for communications networks and infrastructure to be secured before quantum computers and repeaters become reality.

Thierry Le Gall, QinetiQ IP Exploitation Manager said: “We are pleased to have agreed the assignment of our QKD patent portfolio to Qubitekk, an ideal and innovative partner to further enhance and exploit our quantum cryptography inventions. Quantum is very important to us and we are furthering research into other areas of Quantum science to ensure that QinetiQ IP is used to positively accelerate the industry and ensure the security of customers and consumers globally.”

Dr Duncan Earl, CTO and President of Qubitekk added: “The patent portfolio we acquired from QinetiQ along with our current holdings of quantum patents will make Qubitekk one of the largest quantum patent holders in the United States.  We are encouraged with the opportunities this will give Qubitekk in the marketplace.”

US broker Adapt IP Ventures forged a relationship between QinetiQ and Qubitekk, to enable the sale of the entire QKD portfolio.


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