Adapt IP assists early-stage company in selling patent portfolio sale related to networking and carrier aggregation technologies

Deal Announcement: Adapt IP completed sale of patent portfolio related to IoT sensors, video analytics and mesh networking

Sable Networks retains Adapt IP to market networking patent portfolio

Adapt IP Ventures has been engaged by Sable Networks, Inc. to sell or license their patent portfolio integrally related to QoS and Network Management technologies. The Sable Networks patent portfolio originated from internet pioneer, Dr. Lawrence Roberts, and has been cited over by over 900 patents assets as prior art before the USPTO by by over 100 companies.

Adapt IP engaged to sell IoT Sensor-related patent portfolio

Adapt IP selling IoT Sensor patent portfolio consisting of 30+ granted and open pending applications and covers numerous aspects of various sensor technologies. The portfolio has minimal encumbrances, and evidence of use can be linked to multiple Fortune 500 companies. The issued patents have common familial relationships claiming priority back to applications with 2004 priority dates, and can be grouped into three categories: 1) Retrieving and analyzing sensor data,  2) Combining motes and sensors with directional antennas and 3) Mote-associated log and index data.

Adapt IP completes sale of diverse patent portfolio on behalf of defensive patent aggregation organization

Adapt IP assists defensive patent aggregation organization in selling 60+ patents that it had previously acquired on behalf of its members. The patent portfolio included assets that broadly relate to networking, e-commerce, media delivery, location-based services and telecommunications.

Adapt IP completes sale of expansive mobile, networking, and content delivery patent portfolio

Adapt IP completes the sale of a patent portfolio with broad applicability spanning location based services, networking, and content delivery / management. Adapt IP has closed over 15 deals on behalf of this patent innovation group over the past 3 years.

Adapt IP completes sale of location based “check-in” and image sharing portfolio

Adapt IP completes the sale of a patent portfolio related to automated, location based “check-in” networking functionality as well as technologies related to collaborative image sharing and rendering within a local area network.

Adapt IP bringing diversified software, networking and storage patent portfolio to market

Adapt IP was retained to sell a patent portfolio related to numerous technologies including search, voice mail, targeted advertising, networking, data streaming, content storage, location-based technologies and social media.