Adapt IP completes sale of expansive mobile, networking, and content delivery patent portfolio

Adapt IP completes the sale of a patent portfolio with broad applicability spanning location based services, networking, and content delivery / management. Adapt IP has closed over 15 deals on behalf of this patent innovation group over the past 3 years.

Adapt IP Completes the Sale of a P2P Content Delivery Patent

Adapt IP completes the sale of a patent relating to the peer to peer distribution of content in a client-server network architecture.

Adapt IP bringing diversified software, networking and storage patent portfolio to market

Adapt IP was retained to sell a patent portfolio related to numerous technologies including search, voice mail, targeted advertising, networking, data streaming, content storage, location-based technologies and social media.

Adapt IP selected by TP Lab to monetize patent portfolio related to content display and video personalization.

TP Lab Inc. recently engaged patent brokerage firm Adapt IP Ventures to monetize an important subset of its expansive patent portfolio, the subset related to enhancing the viewing experience across television, online video and virtual reality applications.  See more at LINK TO ARTICLE.