Adapt IP engaged to sell diverse patent portfolio related to mobile, software, IoT and auto

Adapt IP has been retained to sell a patent portfolio related Mobile Hardware and Software, IoT, Cloud Computing/Web Services and Automotive technologies. The patent portfolio was built and curated by one of Silicon Valley’s leading entrepreneurs and visionaries.

Adapt IP completes sale of patent portfolio related to automotive imaging systems

Adapt IP completes the sale of a patent portfolio related to automotive imaging systems used for gesture-based vehicle controls and safety applications.

Adapt IP Completes Sale of Patent Assets Related to Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

Adapt IP completes sale of patent assets related to autonomous delivery vehicles. This transaction marks the second sale of assets related to autonomous vehicles for our client, an individual inventor.

Deal Announcement: Individual inventor sells patent portfolio related to autonomous driving

Adapt IP successfully concluded a patent portfolio sale related to the coordination and control of level 4 and level 5 autonomous vehicles. Specifically, the patent portfolio covers the development of vehicle related infrastructure across the board, including intersections, dedicated roadways and parking.  The portfolio also spans embodiments governing the interaction between driverless and driver-operated vehicles, which will help the transition from a fully manual to a fully autonomous vehicular transportation system.  As a whole, these innovations are essential to avoid destructive competition for space as driverless vehicles multiply.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Patent Available For Sale

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Patent relates to a “front-loaded” hybrid propulsion system set to develop and manage driving and control profiles for switching from battery operated to a second propulsion source (e.g., combustion engine, fuel cell, etc.). Profiles can be based on driving habits, distance traveled and the hybrid cruising range. The invention factors these driving patterns into the control of a hybrid vehicle system. As such, the present invention “front loads” the electrical power draw on the hybrid propulsion system so that greater amounts of stored electrical power are drawn down in the early operation of the vehicle. Operation in this mode enhances overall fuel economy while preserving the capability of achieving a realistic driving range. This patent is available for acquisition.

Deal Announcement: Adapt IP client sells patent related to crowd-sourced mapping technology

Adapt IP’s client, a Portugal-based technology development company, sold their Crowd-sourced Mapping patent. The patent focuses on the ad-hoc creation of points of interest having defined positions.  Users can seamlessly establish “anchor” points that ultimately support the facilitation of a crowd-sourced LBS/navigation ecosystem.

Adapt IP selected by Edge3 Technologies to broker the sale or license of a gesture control and motion tracking-related patent portfolio.