IP Strategy

In order to maximize value, a company must effectively manage its IP portfolio throughout each phase of the life cycle: from identification and creation, to education and protection, to monetization and transactions, to enforcement and defense. At Adapt IP, our professionals have the real-world experience and expertise to assist clients with the challenges arising from each phase of the IP life cycle. By leveraging our knowledge of IP and our extensive experience, we have a proven track record of helping clients maximize value for their IP assets and develop and execute critical IP programs.

IP Strategy Services:

  • IP Portfolio Services - Understanding IP inventory with a focus on understanding: 1) key portfolio value drivers, 2) how IP benchmarks against current and future corporate strategies and 3) where IP is being developed in comparison to market need and key competitor activities.
  • IP Management Services - Assist IP owners in managing their IP portfolios while minimizing risk, cost and exposure. Some specific activities may include 1) review / develop internal IP management processes and procedures, benchmark current activities against industry best practices, 2) assess company compliance to its stated policies and 3) review / develop internal IP protection and education programs for its employees.
  • IP Transaction Services - Maximize corporate value by optimizing financial benefit from its IP portfolio. These services can include 1) evaluating, planning and executing value extraction options (e.g., license-in, license-out, sale / divestiture and acquisition), 2) developing royalty rate studies and licensing comparable analyses to support partnership negotiations and 3) providing royalty contract compliance activities.