IP Valuation & Dispute Support

At Adapt IP Ventures, our professionals have a breadth and depth of experience of valuing all types of IP. Specifically, our team has 20+ years of experience in assisting clients determine the value of their IP for: financial reporting disclosures, buy-side / sell-side strategic transactions, IP licensing transactions, due diligence, litigation risk analysis, and general strategic purposes.

From a patent research perspective, clients will gain a better understanding of critical trends including publication, assignees, key inventors and technology focus. From a market perspective, clients will better understand the economics of relevant licensing agreements (either strategic licensing arrangements or those resulting from legal settlements), adjacent markets and recent merger/acquisition activity.

Adapt IP Ventures will provide our research and advisory services on a project-by-project basis or recurring basis with periodic updates to the initial report. Also, our research and advisory services will be utilized during the patent brokerage process, should you decide to market your patents for sale or license. 

IP Valuation and Dispute Services:

Presenting patent value is at the cornerstone of monetizing patents. Example deliverables include:

  • Early Case Assessment & Settlement Support
  • Litigation Scenario Analysis
  • Licensing & Litigation Trends
  • Royalty Rate Analysis
  • Patenting Trends
  • Funding and Partnership Trends