Case Studies

At Adapt IP Ventures, we are committed to delivering greater than expected results to our clients. Every project is unique; as is our involvement. Read our case studies to learn how we partner with our clients to exceed their goals...

Adapt IP Assists Individual Patent Owner Build A Licensing Partnership in the Semiconductor Industry

Our client, and individual inventor of over 30 patents in the semiconductor manufacturing space, needed assistance monetizing their patents. This client worked with another patent brokerage and licensing firm but without any success. Based on the partnership that we built, the patents have been licensed to numerous companies in the market. 

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Adapt IP Successfully Sells Patent Portfolio Related to 2D to 3D Video Conversion After Assisting Owner Triage and Build Patent Portfolio

Our client invested over $20 million into the development and commercialization of 2D to 3D video conversion products and partnered with numerous movie studios to deploy the technology. Ultimately, the company ceased operations and decided that the best path to follow and decided to monetize its’ Patent Portfolio. This patent owner retained Adapt IP to assist in monetizing the patent portfolio by investing in the development of additional patent assets and by ultimately selling the patent portfolio to a buyer after receiving multiple bids for the assets...

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Adapt IP Invests In and Successfully Sells Patent Portfolio Related to Online Advertising

Our client, a San Jose, California based company, launched its operations over a decade ago but was unfortunately unable to gain traction in the marketplace. The company ultimately decided that selling its patent portfolio was the most promising exit strategy. With the recommendation of its patent prosecution firm, Adapt IP Ventures was retained in August 2012 to broker the sale of its online advertising patent portfolio...

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"After a wasted year with another patent broker, I found Adapt IP Ventures. In a short time, Adapt IP arranged a deal including licensing and litigation, completing patent applications in process, writing a new application, funding product development and building a new website. All of that far exceeded my expectations."

Robert Listou, CEO, Execware, LLC - Falls Church, VA


“I sincerely value the effort that Adapt IP Ventures put into finding a buyer for my digital download confirmation patent. Their CEO, Grant Moss, exceeded my expectations at all phases of this project, from developing a well-crafted marketing presentation to guiding me through the closing process. In fact, when I have more IP that I need help monetizing, Adapt IP Ventures is the only firm that I will consider.”

Duane M., Corvallis, OR


“We are working with Adapt IP Ventures on multiple patent sale projects. Despite limited success with other patent brokers in the past, Adapt IP Ventures has presented offers for the acquisition of multiple patent families. We attribute this success to their complete dedication to these projects, strong relationships with buyers and extensive research capabilities. We consider Adapt IP Ventures to be an industry-leading patent brokerage firm.”

 Manager, Private holding company, Dallas, TX


“We retained Adapt IP Ventures to manage the sale of numerous patents related to data security and mobile payments. Adapt IP Ventures was able to generate multiple offers for our patents, but ultimately, the deal structure that we chose allows us to recapitalize our business, pivot our business model and attract new investors. We are truly thankful for the opportunity to work with Adapt IP Ventures on this patent monetization effort.”

Co-Founder, Private technology company, Alpharetta, GA